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Сообщение  Epson art photo award 2006
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ParticipationWe are looking for:
1) the best class/group (project group with a minimum of 5 persons) based on their overall performance,
2) the best individual artists from all group submissions,
3) the 25 next best individual works from all group submissions.
The Epson art photo award 2006 is not restricted to any particular subject. We are looking for the best, most innovative and ground-breaking concepts in the artistic use of photography as a medium.
Only classes/groups may apply. All classes or groups currently being educated in the subjects of photography, arts, design or media may participate. The class or group must be supervised by a professor/lecturer for the competition. Individual applications are excluded from the competition.
A maximum of 6 individual images may be submitted per member of the class or group. The number and sequence must be justified in the concept.
Images submitted may not have been published or have been submitted to other competitions.
High-resolution digital picture images in the Adobe RGB or ECI-RGB formats must be submitted. Printouts should not be included. The images will be printed in DIN A4 format by Epson for the judging.
Every member of the class or group must include a brief concept and a signed application form with his CD. Documentation from all the group members should be sent to Epson together.

PrizesThe best class or group will receive 15.000 Ђ.
The best individual artist from all group submissions will receive
10.000 Ђ.
The 25 next best individual works from all group submissions will be awarded prizes of 500 Ђ each.
All winning images will be exhibited at the ART COLOGNE in Cologne (1st to 5th November 2006). Exhibition images will be printed by Epson. In addition, all winning images will be published in an exhibition catalogue and on the Internet.

ChecklistBecome a member of a group of at least 5 persons with a supervising professor/lecturer. There are no thematic restrictions on the competition.
You should write the high-resolution original image data (maximum 6 images per group member) onto a CD.
Include the printed concept and entry forms (both the group entry form and also one form per group member).
Collect all group members’ works together. These must be sent in together. No printout should be included.
Send the CD, the concept and the entry forms to:

Epson art photo award 2006
PO Box 101252
D-50452 Cologne

by 15th of July 2006 at the latest.

We would request all classes and groups not to send parcels because these cannot be delivered to the PO box address. The best thing to do is to use a normal A4 envelope, but please do not send this as registered post.

Caution: entries can only be accepted with complete documentation! Images may not have been published or have been submitted to other competitions.

Документацию можно скачать по след. ссылке

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