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http://web.incisive-events.com/ptg/2010 ... index.html
Can you take great street photography? If so BJP and Format want to see your work. We’ve teamed up to launch a street photography prize, and the best body of work wins an exhibition at Format 2011, printed by MX Display, plus a Think Tank bag courtesy of Snapperstuff.

All images should be submitted on a CD, which should be clearly marked with your name, website and contact details. You should enter 30 images at low resolution (72dpi and a maximum of 1000 pixels at their longest measurement) in a folder clearly marked with your name plus ‘lores’. You should also enter the same images at high resolution (300dpi) in a separate folder, also marked with your name plus ‘hires’. Label each image with your name and a number, and include contact details in the file information.
Entry costs £20 and can be sent as a cheque or postal order. You can also pay in Euros or US dollars, at €22 or $30. Cheques are payable to Incisive Photographic Ltd and the submission should be sent to British Journal of Photography, Incisive VNU, 32-34 Broadwick Street, London W1A 2HG. Your name and contact details should be written clearly on the back of the cheque.
The competition is open until 30 June. Please note, the images will be displayed as unframed, Foamex-mounted prints.


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